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SupplHi is the Vendor Management SaaS for industrial equipment and services to manage the supplier base in the most efficient, compliant, and sustainable manner. ESG-meter, an APP by SupplHi, is the industry Social network for improving Supply Chain ESG Sustainability and reducing Suppliers’ Carbon Emissions.

To tell us more about SupplHi and how they are driving sustainability we have Giacomo Franchini who is the founder of SupplHi.

What problem is SupplHi trying to solve?

The most relevant pain points in Supplier Management typically are Efficiency losses and Compliance risks. Buyers need constantly updated information that is not public, and they collect it from Suppliers through expiring and individual questionnaires leading to inefficiency. The monitoring, feedback sharing and rewarding of the ESG performance of Suppliers on dimensions such as human rights, CO2 emissions, and water management is extremely complex to deliver.


How are you addressing this problem?

Buyers measure and monitor ESG performances and carbon emissions of Suppliers of all sizes, globally. Typically, SupplHi's Buyer users manage a global supplier base made of thousands of Suppliers that cover different categories of supply (e.g. materials, equipment, logistics, services). Through the combination of industry-standard, highly configurable and frequently updated Supplier questionnaires, coupled with internal data, buyers are able to measure and monitor the evolution of a Supplier. Suppliers are associated with a Single Supplier Digital Identity, providing information once for many Buyers and adding Trust and transparency to the entire network. SupplHi is free-of-charge for all suppliers, being inclusive and easy to adopt. Buyers have access to dedicated dashboards to measure and monitor the sustainability of their entire supply chain and to prioritize improvement actions, by Supplier, category of supply, and geography.


How do you differentiate yourself?

SupplHi SaaS is based on four pillars that strengthen each other. Firstly, SupplHi is a secure and modern SaaS with a triple ISO Certification that covers all Supplier Management needs. Secondly, SupplHi embeds efficient and compliant Supplier Management processes based on the best international practices including the measurement of Supplier Sustainability and Carbon Emissions. Thirdly, SupplHi is not only just a platform but also a Service that takes care of supplier disambiguation, quality assurance and expedite of information. SupplHi is free-of-charge for all Suppliers, driving larger adoption. Furthermore, SupplHi operates by B2B verticals with Buyers sharing the same needs and willingness to drive efficiency and sustainability across their supplier base. In synthesis, by using a secure platform that is based on standardization of industry processes and that embeds servitization, Buyers can enjoy the benefits of a network effect.


How does your partnership with SAP help in driving sustainability?

By integrating with SAP, SupplHi enriches the set of innovative solutions that are industry-specific for ENR, focused on supplier management and ESG measurement and monitoring - with a special focus on Carbon Emissions. We are working on integrating with SAP Ariba supplier risk thereby helping customers by providing emissions-related insights.


For further information on sustainability, you can refer to the Sustainability topic page. If you have any questions, you can post them in the community.


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