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My journey for the Cross Generational Mentorship program started by receiving a mail regarding the Cross Generational Mentorship program on 26th April 2019. Reading the contents of the mail, it looked to be very exciting opportunity for me to network with colleagues in SAP who are from a different generation than my peer group. I felt that meeting a mentor would guide me to understand things better in terms of personal and professional life.


On receiving a positive response from the Cross Generational Mentorship core team on 20th May 2019, I was intimated that I would be assigned a colleague with whom I would undertake the program experience.

The Cross Generational Mentorship program started with a Kick-Off meeting on 30th May, where the norms and expectations from the program were explained from the perspective of the mentor as well as a mentee.

I received a mail on 6th June stating that I would be partnered with Abanindra Sarkar (Aban) who would be my mentor for the duration of this Cross Generational Mentorship program.

My 1st meeting with Aban was on the 11th of June where we discussed our aspiration and expectation from the program for each other.
As part of this mentorship program, I presented to Aban the following topics:

  • Data Boom - What To Do With So Much Data?

  • The Next Stage of Reality: Virtual and Augmented

  • The Generation Game

  • Health and Wellness

These presentations were given from the perspective of a mentor which helped me gain a technical perspective of the hottest trends in technology as well as gave me the confidence to interact and present to colleagues who are more experienced than me.

Aban shared his perspective on these topics based on his experience in dealing with topics of similar nature which helped me in understanding the big picture.

Apart from the discussion on the topics shared by the Cross Generational Mentorship Core team, Aban guided me in understanding various aspects of life. He shared with me his experiences from both personal and professional life. We had fruitful discussions on various important topics like Change Management, Stress Management which would hold me in a good state in both personal and professional life.

Overall the Cross Mentorship helped me grow as a person and helped me assimilate experiences that I could draw on when challenges of complex nature present themselves. I would highly recommend other colleagues to undertake the Cross Generational Mentorship journey and be a part of something truly unique!!

At last, but not the least, I would like to thank the core Cross Generational Team for designing and driving such a wonderful program and giving us the opportunity to learn from the different generation than my peer group ?

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