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Original article published on Concerning AI/Robot development ? | INPLUX

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From late 2014 until 1Q of 2015, it’s been raised concern regarding AI/Robot development from famous figures in public media.  It’s been suggested by one of the famous figure to have a governance approach to manage relevant development at current and future stage.

However, there has been another side voice which has been expressed that the status might not that serious. It’s been observed that there are a lot more start ups which have been funded well on 2014 and focus more on the financial solution.

IT Business Partner point of view

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It’s quite good to have a lot more productivity tools to adopt in the business world. Here to suggest to adopt IT Business Partner framework which covers technology, governance, sustainability and cultural perspective to asses go or no-go for using the AI/Robot in need basis. Need to notice AI/Robot is not the best and final solution. Insights as per assess relevant AI/Robot reports:

  • Capability NLP other than English
  • AI Everywhere – APPs, Webs, Mobile, IOTs etc.
  • Foresee AI/Machine Learning as service
  • Financial solution as top priority
  • Even AI mistake
  • support and service level from AI/Robot product or service company

It’s really grateful for those who dedication to development AI/Robot for enhance people life and work better on one of the most challenges science areas.