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Two weeks ago, SAP and SAP Hybris organized a Fashion & Technology event and invited Jasna Rok and 50 women to a small fashion show. The main idea was to bring more women and diversity into SAP and SAP Hybris.
"Creating a diverse, inclusive, and bias-free culture makes us a better company." ---- Diversity and Inclusion at SAP

Unfortunately only men did the presentation, but in fairness, this was not planned. So I took the part to showcase our Hybris Labs Bullseye and Changing Room demo.

[Picture from Life at SAP tweet:]

I have done many presentations for customers, partners and new employees, and it was not the first time that women took part. But it was the first time that two groups with 25 women attended. During the presentation they had lots of questions, ideas, and remarks. More than I ever had before. One idea was to build something like in the movie Clueless. Like me, you may also be clueless about this movie, so here's a short summary:

Clueless is a teen movie from the 90's. One of the main actresses could select on a computer (from the 90's) a top and skirt and check if they match. She also has a body scanner to find the correct size.  The part I'd missed and learned about after talking with a female colleague: the character's wardrobe moves automatically to the selected items.

I started to ask myself: Why don't I know this movie? How could I miss this part? But the main question would be: Why do I know it NOW?

The reason for this is that I have the chance to talk with other people from all over the world and get their ideas and points of view - otherwise I would be clueless.