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Ma Cherry Wai is a girl coming from a poor village in dry zone area of Myanmar. There used to be 7 members in the family: 2 parents, 5 children. In 2008, Cyclone Nargis hit Ayeyarwaddy Delta region and took 3 of her siblings and her mom’s lives. They also lost all the possessions including their house. The father, one brother and she were everything the Nargis disaster has left for the poor family. As the father is getting old, he can’t work as before. He has to take casual labor jobs to cover the expenses for the 3. Education is the only hope they have to change the fate of the family, but they can only support one to continue at school: her brother. She is really smart and was doing very well at school, still there seemed no chance for her to get to college.

She once wrote:

“Ambition can be defined as goal, objective, and expectation. It is also dream of our desires. Everybody should have an ambition for their life standing.

Planting is for getting shade, fruits, and flowers. Learning/studying is for understanding the subject. Similarly, I also have my life ambition. My ambition is to become a teacher.

From the local community leader, Cherry Wai heard about KT Care Foundation that they have a program to provide scholarship to people with financial difficulty. She applied immediately and she got it.

Now she is studying remotely in Pathein University majored in English. She studies at home mostly, but she has to go to the university to take exams from time to time. KT Care Foundation covered her tuition fee, travel and accommodation expenses for exams.

She is in her second year now, and her life is full of hope but she never forgets giving, she said:

“I want to be a teacher who can teacher the children. Moreover, I also want to be a company staff. After I graduated, I will let my father retire from his job and I will treat him. I will support my younger brother to become a well-educated person. I will try to become a clever daughter for my father and good elder sister for my brother, and will serve for my family. In addition to this, I will try to work for the development of my community and country. ”


Until now, KT Care Foundation has helped 42 scholarship students like Cherry Wai. The scholarship program is only one program out of many programs KT Care Foundation is running. I am lucky to join SAP’s social sabbatical program and have the chance to work closely with KT Care Foundation. The 7 staff here are really making a difference to the world with their hard work.

Today is KT Care senior manager Ma Naw’s birthday, but she is not in the office today. She took one day off to celebrate her birthday. Her way of celebration is dictating blind children in a school to improve their writing skills.

More stories of KT Care Foundation and SAP social sabbatical program will come, please follow me .@AliceLiuCN