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After several months of hard work and planning by SAP CSR & PYXERA Global, the SAP Social Sabbatical 2014, journey of “Team Protea” to Cape Town kicked off yesterday. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn SAP’s vision “help the world run better and improve people’s lives” into action from a social responsibility perspective, and I and the team will spend 4 weeks in Cape Town working on the volunteer activities.

A diverse team

In this Cape Town program, we have 12 people from 10 different countries, speaking 10 different languages, with different backgrounds and skills - a very diversified team and we are all from SAP. We are divided into 4 sub-teams to work with 4 different non-profit organizations. With our team motto of "a SAP world of helping Hands", the Team Protea uses its common energy and capabilities to create a desirable, feasible and viable outcome, which will be beneficial and sustainable for our clients to run a simple and better tomorrow.

After-school tutoring and mentorship

My client is IkamvaYouth (established in 2003), a Non-Profit-Organization (NPO) that provides a volunteer driven, low cost and highly effective model of after-school tutoring and mentorship in resource-poor communities in South Africa.

They have a resource hub which is the Ikamvanitezonea (established in 2010), containing information to run a tutoring program and the other programs like career guidance and mentoring, health and life skills, computer literacy, winter schools and so on. The objective of our assignment is to analyze their user experience requirements, re-design the architecture and content layout, develop a concise methodology of initial and on-going content sourcing and development, provide a strategic input on marketing as well as a staff and user introduction training plan and roll-out plan to their zone.

Getting started

Today, we met with our client IkamvaYouth and visited their branch offices, we had a lot of discussions on the scope of the work, understanding their daily business and requirements via hands-on experience, and it is a great start.

This is totally a different job from my current daily work at SAP and I am prepared to blend myself into this “unknown zone”, conquer any difficulties and try my best to contribute, together with the team.

You can follow us on and get to know about work and lives in Cape Town.

Team Protea @ the kickoff meeting (Marc, Carlos, Marise, Jochen, Sebastian, Claus, Duncan, Rene, Susan, Dobrinka, Asha and Yolanda)

Original post: SAP Product Support Jam on Oct 13