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SAP was invited to talk to students taking part in the BEAM program. This is a program that teaches students how mathematics applies in the real world through business applications at Gunn High School in Palo Alto. 

I didn’t hesitate for a moment to grab this opportunity to go back to school and meet the bright minds of Palo Alto GUNN High School.

Later I realized it’s been more than 15 years since I completed my high school. So I didn’t know what would resonate well with Generation Z (Post-Millennials). I decided to place my bet on sports.  

As students were interested in understanding how to analyze data to make good business decisions, I decided to show some of the work we did with the San Francisco 49ers Football Team.

I explained to the group how SAP helped General Manager and Scouts of SF 49ers to efficiently assess and compare players with the help of analytics.  I also met with the CEO, CFO & CMO of BEAM program. They were all students of GUNN high school. I was amazed to see that BEAM has put in a corporate structure for the program to allow students to learn entrepreneurship. 

A student wrote to me later expressing interest in analytics and statistics. The student wants to pursue a career in sports and asked if its ok to email questions about sports analytics. This made me smile as I realized sharing knowledge could inspire people. 

If you share your property or wealth with someone, your net value diminishes.  But, if you share knowledge with someone, knowledge gets multiplied.

Thank you SAP for fostering the culture of giving back to the community.