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Aye Myint Kyu born on 16th July, 1997 is one of 6 family members supported by her father who works as a casual laborer in  Thet Kal Thaung village in Myanmar .  Her village was devastated by Cyclone Nargis  in May 2008.  It was during the aftermarth of the cyclone that she got to know about KT Care Foundation through their disaster relief work of building bridges, schools and providing health services to her village.

Big Dream

As she was set to complete her matric in 2013 she had burning desire to be a teacher.  Her biggest hurdle was not lack of ambition but the financial means. She had to find a way to fulfill that dream and motivated her to apply for scholarship to KT Care Foundation. When I met her in Yangon she gave me permission to share her application. Su Su Tun has kindly translated her application into English.

Aye Myint Kyuu scholarship application: “Everybody have own ambition. It is not enough to build up the ambition by trying only. In other words "Everything cannot be finished without money," some ambitions and expectations are disappearing because of lack of money. We should use perseverance, diligence, meticulousness, and money to reach our goal. I welcome education foundations that support the needy students for educational purpose. Forming such kinds of groups are great opportunities for the students like me. I strongly believe that I can use this opportunity to be successful. It is also necessary to consider that our ambition should be not only for ourselves but also for others. My ambition is to become a skilful (outstanding) teacher. I will try not only for myself but also for the next generations. “

Aye Myint Kyu  is one of the fortunate beneficiaries of the KT Care Foundation scholarship program. She studying at Pathein University majoring in Myanmar and is currently awaiting her second year university results. She is well on her way to fulfilling her dream of teaching and developing her community.

I hope you are inspired as I am by her story!

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