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In the age of sustainability, it is important to consider how we can design and produce products responsibly and maintain Circularity . Sap responsible design and production is an important concept to consider, as sap-based production is an increasingly popular option for businesses and consumers alike. Sap responsible design and production can help to reduce environmental impacts and ensure that products are produced ethically and sustainably. This blog post will explore the concept of sap responsible design and production, the benefits of this approach, and the challenges of implementing it.

In this series I will publish blog on following products,

  • SAP Responsible Design and Production

  • SAP Sustainability Control Tower

  • SAP Product Footprint Management/ Sustainable Footprint Management.

  • SAP Sustainable Data Exchange

  • SAP Green Ledger



By utilizing SAP Responsible Design and Production, businesses can contribute to the health of
the planet and people, as well as increase their profits and customer loyalty. It is a
comprehensive system that helps companies create responsible and sustainable products. With
SAP Responsible Design and Production, businesses can make a positive contribution to the
world and have a long-term impact.


SAP Responsible Design and Production three types of business users are necessary

  • Administrator

  • Packing Expert

  • EPR Expert



  • Data Replication: Based on the Requirement of the reporting from SAP S4 HANA using the API we can import the below mentioned data or using excel sheet file import we can do the import of this Data from any other system

  1. Configuration data

  2. Organization data

  3. Customers

  4. Products

  5. Deliveries

  6. Packaging elements

  7. Packaging compositions

  8. Material documents

  9. Suppliers

  10. Batches

Using the Configuration Cockpit app, you can create your own replication configuration to push data from an SAP or a third-party system to SAP Responsible Design and Production.



Viewing Data Quality Issues: As a part of the process  we would need master data to be integrated to SAP Responsible Product Design and Production  So as a part of the Process when the master data like Material , Batch, Packaging Material gets imported to the SAP Responsible Product Design and Production there can be issue with the master data setup and this data issue needs to be solved before we can proceed to the reporting

This View Data quality issue App is the providing us with the information what is the issue with the master and based on that either Packaging Expert can fix those issue's


Data Quality Issues App


  • Packaging Data/ Packaging Composition: Packaging Material Data is one of the important data that form the basis of the EPR reporting so the Packing Material need to be imported from the SAP S4 HANA or 3rd Party application . So the import of Packaging Material brings with it import characteristics of the material such as Weight , dimensions, type of material ( Plastic, Cardboard, Paper) .and UOM which is one of the important parameter as costing of the material for the Plastic taxes applicable .


Next important data element is the packaging composition which actually links the all the    packaging material and groups the same type of packaging into same group which ease out the Plastics tax calculation

This packaging Composition can be created in SAP Responsible Product Design and      Production using the App : View and Manage Packaging Composition

E.g  Kraftpaper and the attributes define that it has

Color Brown
Width 18 inch
Height 28 inch
Length 18 inch


  • Reporting: Based on the Reporting Categories which are already pre-filled by SAP we can choose to activate the Reporting category as per requirement . Based on the that we need to configure the Report with information like Report Name, Validity , Plant or company code ,delivery types and responsible user who can access the report , based on this information the report will the extracted for the organization


Then we need to activate the report and Run the report . Data in the Pre-filled format as per               the PRO can be extracted in excel format .


EPR Dashboard

The following EPR reports are available as pre-filled reporting categories from SAP .

Country/Region Report
Canada (Ontario) Blue Box
France Citeo
Germany Dual Systems
Italy CONAI EPR Report Form 6.2
Netherlands Afvalfonds Verpakkingen



To summarize SAP Responsible Design and Production mapped Packaging Material to product ,tracked Product deliveries to various countries pulled relevant EPR data definition and automatically calculated the fees completed the necessary paper work to comply with local law. It focuses on the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) can be simply put as "producer must pay" for the costs of collection and treatment of products after use. Under existing EPR schemes in many countries worldwide, producers of goods must declare the EPR-relevant volumes of different materials that they use in their products and packaging. Depending on the country, there are different reporting and fee structures, and this makes EPR very complex. Producers cooperate with a single or multiple PROs depending on the country/region. SAP Responsible Design and Production makes it possible to generate EPR reports. An EPR report provides the data that can then be entered into an  EPR declaration, usually on the PRO's website.
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