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The first day at SAP conference the CEO Bill McDermott was very inspiring to listen too. He believes that if you simply everything you can do anything. Which explains the whole company and how it works.  They are a company that finds people better ways of doing business and provides them with the right tools to preform their business well.

Bill McDermott gave a great example of how a business runs normally and how they don’t work. He said   “ Businesses are like onions. The more layers a business has the more complicated it is and the more problems arise.” This was a simple way of explaining why today’s old business methods are not working. Doing things simple is their core value that they emphasized all through out the conference.

Managers and Leaders in business today are completely different. The leaders at SAP are fixing the problems using today’s technology to predict problems and come up with solutions to keep the business on track of everything. Leaders have great communication and solve problems.

"Mangers create more and more layers" says Bill McDermott. He really cracked me up when he said “ A big company should not be built like onions and you shouldn’t cry when you peal it back.”  In my eyes companies just manage and just “deal” with a situation. Most of the time managers just compromise and not come up with a actual solution. Many companies may result in lost of revenue, relationships with their suppliers/ partner and most importantly loss of reputation.  As a Film and Television student growing up in today’s social media world, there is nothing more important than keeping up a good global reputation.

In the good old days if your business had a bad reputation you could just close up shop and move your business elsewhere. Now in world when everything is just a few clicks of a button your bad reputation can be seen, liked, shared, retweed, and people can take a screen shot of stuff they see. This new online world has a quick response time due to the fact that wifi or data is always available, on your phone, tablet, computer, TV, smart watches and now in cars. However you can use the quick response time to your advantage just like SAP does.

SAP has created technology using data and has made it useful. They have been able to predict what type of problems your company will have before they happen. They have data systems in simple things like vending machines to tell you instantly in real time what products are not selling. That makes it’s easier for you to cut down on cost and eliminate products that are not working. If they can do that in a vending machine, just image what else they can do. A business wouldn’t have to worry about things falling through the cracks or many of layers and layers of problems that haven’t been solved. SAP comes up with solutions for your business that we haven’t had before. Companies really invest in SAP for a good reason.

I would like to work for SAP because they keep an open mind. They are fresh and innovative. I’m a person myself that never stops learning. If a product works great but how does the product work? What are my options this product can give me and how does it fit my needs? I will even go to my current boss and say I found a new technology or website that can improve your business lets get on it and lets start reaching more customers.

Research/discovering is key when developing or improving something in business. SAP helps you collect data to increase your knowledge about your own business and most importantly they tailor it to your needs.  They thrive on helping other businesses do better. Kind of like one friend helping another except you’re both making money and your business thrives with SAP. Now if everyone had the passion that SAP does with the amazing tools that SAP has, every business and individual would be thriving.

The knowledge from SAP I have gained I can use in every business I volunteer or work for. In my next blog I will share more about my organization AboutFace and how we are connected with SAP. I will also be posting videos and photos from the conference. Thanks all for reading my first blog about SAPHIRE conference.