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Delve into SAP sustainability blogs. Gain insights into tech-driven sustainable practices and contribute to a greener future for businesses and the planet.
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Here is my selection of great web sites about sustainability in the context of the SAP ecosystem.


SAP Sustainability Portfolio

SAP is developing a whole portfolio of solutions to realize their Chasing Zero strategy. The SAP Sustainability Day in Oct 2021 captured it very well and I tried to cover all info in my blogs (Zero Emissions and Zero Waste, Zero Inequality and Holistic Steering and Reporting)


Sustainability’s Role in Business Performance

This report gives an overview of how businesses look at sustainability. Why they invest in it, why not, what the priorities are, how they measure progress, how they see the impact on profitability, etc. Even though this report misses explanation of the research method, the findings are very interesting. A more detailed analysis about business and consumer view on climate progress can be found in this study made by Qualtrics, SAP & World Economic Forum.


Wheel of Purpose

SAP is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You can explore it in a traditional format, or in a fun game.



Ocean advocate Emily Penn partnered with SAP to tackle the plastic waste issue. I like her SHIFT Platform, because it gives very concrete recommendations which any of us can follow. In case you would like to learn more about Emily Penn, here is a nice conversation between her and Christian Klein, CEO of SAP.


SAP.iO startups in the area of sustainability

This is a library of very innovative solutions backed/powered by SAP.


These are my picks. Which one would you add to this list?