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On Tuesday, December 8 2015, Sam Alkharrat, Managing Director at SAP West, and employees from the Palo Alto Campus had the pleasure to welcome TED speaker and author, Peter Shankman, on stage to share his deep knowledge on customer relationship and engagement.

It was not just another keynote about this topic that most of us had heard several times before – it was more than that. Peter Shankman provided interesting and entertaining insights into experiences he has encountered over his entire career. For instance, he talked about starting from the scratch, when he worked for AOL sometime in the mid-1990s, he helped build the AOL newsroom that covered any major political topic via a 100 MB modem connection. Another story he shared was his encounter with two well-known rental car companies. It took one of them just a couple of minutes to lose a high class customer like Peter due to a bad customer experience. However, the competitor used Peter’s experience to their advantage and won him over as a loyal customer for life. In the end, what Peter had to say about creating an outstanding customer experience boiled down to one piece of simple advice: to be nicer.

Thank you Peter, for this insightful and enjoyable event. And as you mentioned, I will definitely get in touch when you are in town to grab that coffee and learn more about you!