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Zoom into a specific area on the ESRI ArcGIS BaseMap for Streets in SAP Work Manager

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Hi Experts,

We are working on an implementation to integration SAP Work Manager with ESRI. The initial basemap that ESRI provides is at the world level -

Our requirement is to have this map zoomed into our local city. So we have identified map extents that will provide us with the required zoom and it tests out fine using the Map Viewer ( as well as the 'Export Map' operation from the basemap service URL.

The new URL looks like this:

However when we update the same on SAP Work Manager config, the underlying basemap layer doesn't get rendered on the Agentry client.

If we get the main URL working, we will change our solution to pass the extents from Agentry rules.

Can you please help us in resolving this? Thanks.

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Hi Hajira,

Please try to put the URL in the backend GIS Parameter tables.

-- Subash