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While using /SAPAPO/BOPIN, dates are becoming harmonized

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Hi All,

We have SAP APO gATP solution in place. We are frequently using the t. code /SAPAPO/BOPIN. While using this transaction, we are facing typical issue.

When the confirmation date is changed using the t. code /SAPAPO/BOPIN then in certain cases all the subsequent dates are having the same value.

Suppose the requested delivery date is 28-Feb-2022. Lead time - 3 days and Tr. Pllng time - 2 days. So various dates will be

Delivery date 28.02.2022 A

Goods issue date 25.02.2022 G

Loading date 25.02.2022 L

Material 23.02.2022 M

Transportation Plan. Date 23.02.2022 T

If I am changing the delivery date to 15-Mar-2022 then all the dates are chagned to 15-Mar-2022. It is appearing like

Delivery date 15.03.2022 A

Goods issue date 15.03.2022 G

Loading date 15.03.2022 L

Material 15.03.2022 M

Transportation Plan. Date 15.03.2022 T

Important thing to be noted that it is not happening in all the cases for /SAPAPO/BOPIN.

Can somebody throw light on it?

Thnaks & Regards

Piyush Ranpura

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