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Which level of SAP-ECC software components (FI, CO etc.) requires SEM-BCS736

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Hi Experts,

I would like to ask a difficult question:

which level of SAP-ECC software components (FI, CO etc.) requires SEM-BCS 736?

The only requirements I have found (sap note 1602357):

- SEM-BCS 736 must have the same release FINBASIS, so hier rel.736

- BW731 required for SEM736

The current our systems levels: SAP-ECC EHP 4 and BW 701; ECC and BW on separated systems.

Finally in the BW systems we plan to have: SEM-BCS736, FINBASIS736, BW731 (BW upgrade, BCS and FINBASIS instalation).

But on the ECC side (FI, CO etc.), which level of SAP-ECC software components requires SEM-BCS736? Whether SAP-ECC EHP 4 is enough high? If not, why?

Additionally BW731 will get higher BW Business Content. This BW Business Content must be able to extract data from ECC to SEM-BCS736 properly.

The issue is extremely important: Upgrade or not to upgrade ECC from EHP4 to higher version and which version?

I cannot find any details about this topic, so good explanation would be very helpful .

Think you in advance.


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Hi Michal,

I do not have any references or notes at hand reg. your question. However I have extensive experience  with SEM-BCS, BW and extraction the data from SAP systems to BW.

The common sense gives the answer:

SEM-BCS is BW-based application and their compatability is very important. For example, SEM-BCS 6.x do not work with BW 3.x, but should work with BW 7.x.

SEM-BCS doesn't know where from BW get the data. It's a classical 3-tier architecture where the application on the top IS INDEPENDENT from the data sources (and vise versa). BW as intermediate layer provides all the necessary data extraction and transformation (from source - to receiver).

So, SEM-BCS736 shouldn't care about the versions of ECC components. I used to extract into BW-SEM-BCS data from FI in SAP R/3 4.0! And it worked! New business content in new versions of BW hardly has any connections with the old ECC components. So, it wouldn't bother me at all.

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I get the same impression, although without evidences in SAP notes or manuals.

I have experience in BW, but SEM-BCS will be first time, so I am looking for every important advice:-)

Thank you very much for your opinion.