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What is the best way to show different levels of details in an IBP Dashboard?

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Hello IBP community,

I have a customer requirement. They want to create a dashboard where we could easily dig down on multiple levels of details, imagine something like this.

Let's say that for each analytic in my dashboard, I want to be able to look at each of them at any of these levels.

With the newest 2008 release, we can finally do drill downs within a dashboard, which now leads me to the next question, performance wise is it the best option to do this?

I can think of three options to do it:

  1. Create a cascading filter structure with planning filters, I use one chart but I have planning filter hierarchy that follows the image structure. This will lead me to to create 15 planning filters. But only one chart per requirement
  2. Create by each chart, multiple drill downs level 1, following a naming convention. In order to do this, I will have to create 15 planning filters, plus 15 drill downs level one per chart requirement.
  3. Create a different chart with a fixed planning filter, this will lead me to create 15 different charts per requirement with 15 different planning filters.

My question comes performance wise, In my head Option 1 is the easier to do, but can be the worst performance wise. This is because if I include ten charts in a dashboards but I manage it with a cascading filter structure, every time I change a filter, the dashboard will update all 10 charts at the same time.

If I create multiple drill downs level 1, with 2008 release I have the possibility to drill down one at a time, plus I could also use the filters if I wanted to, but I have a second option.

And then is option 3 one that looks like the worst of them because of the number charts in a dashboard.

I feel tempted to recommend option 1 because it's easier and less complicated to maintain, but wanted to opinion of the community on this.

Also do you visualize other ways to do it?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I would also suggest to recommend the option one because design and business usage wise simple and straight forward.

Best Regards,


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Thanks Lingaiah! 🙂

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