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Weekly forecast sale changing to actual plan

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We have a sales forecast which gives rate of sale for every SKU by week for the next 12 months. However, we only plan the schedule for the next 3 weeks as orders and production are firmed up from forecasts.

The issue we have is the forecast will flush through the BOMs and give us the raw material demand BUT because we than have planned orders in for the next 3 weeks to manufacture our finished products we are almost doubling up on demand as the forecast is still in SAP (this needs to be there to give theoretical consumption of finished goods, we've tried that!) and so is the planned production. As our products are ambient the week of sale is not necessarily the week of production, as we may make 8 weeks of stock in one production run and it is then sold through in the next 8 weeks.

Any help on how other have gotten around this issue is gratefully recevied!


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