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WBMR not created in EWM warehouse billing for TM agreement - How to troubleshoot

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Hi All,

I am trying to create a warehouse billing measurement request in EWM in reference to a TM agreement. I was able to create an agreement in TM and in “Output Management” -> SEND_AGREEMENT_TO_EWM was successful. All the pre-requisites mentioned in the SAP link below are also double checked. But no WBMR was created in EWM.

I am not sure how to troubleshoot and what to check. Any ideas? I checked the mapping of TM charge type to EWM and the configuration set makes sure this was all covered.

Per the SAP documentation in the link

When the Transportation Management transfers agreement data to the EWM, the EWM automatically creates a request for warehouse billing measurement (WBMR) in the EWM for the agreement item transferred. It uses the WBMR type you have defined as the default type to create the WBMR. The TM also transfers the item data to the WBMR. Based on this information, you can assign the relevant warehouse billing measurement services to the item. The agreement in the TM is a Predecessor document to the WBMR.
You can view the WMBR in the Warehouse Management Monitor under Billing.



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Hi shravan,

Have you resolve this issue?