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Warehouse task for Skip lot

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Hi Team,

We are working on 04 inspection type. When we do the GR for the production order through RFUI tcocde Inspection lot gets generated along with warehouse taks and stock move to quality. This is fine. But for the next lot which is SKIP, and going into unrestricted stock type directly no warehouse task created. I believe only stock goes in quality warehouse task create to move to unrestricted.

How can we see the skip lot against warehouse tak or handling unit for trace in warehouse monitor fiori app.

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Dear A Singh,

In SKIP scenario in EWM side does not have real inspection, so the quality reference will not be added to the stock. The stock type will not change to quality stock, but immediately will be unrestricted stock. This is the cause why quality reference could not be found in /SCWM/MON.

Based on your description I think your system works as designed.

If you would like to check what was the base of the skip, you can check the Dynamic Modification Rule.

Best regards,