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VSR Optimizer Sizing

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I'm planning to setup an Optimizer prototype environment for the purpose of POC with my customer. I would need to check the complexity of optimizer env, based on SAP Note #1148444;

1148444 - Usage of the VSR-Optimizer

My POC wants optimizer to build freight units for ocean container, but no need vehicle scheduling. In this case can I use the questionnaire of VSR? Otherwise is there any approach?

Really appreciate if any suggestions.

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Dear Hironori,

The optimizer does not Buid Freight Units! To create Freight Units you can use transaction Application Administration -> Planning -> General Settings -> Freight Unit Building Rule -> Create Freight Unit building Rule. Subsequently the FUBR can be assigned to the Transportation requirement document(OTR/DTR/FWO) type in customizing, either directly or through a condition(business Rule). Maybe the requirement is to perform a load planning for which the optimizer can also be used. The optimizer can for example determine what the best option is, e.g. Is het cheaper to use 2 x 20-foot containers or 1 x 40-foot container? See for more details the link below:

I don't know the exact requirement but it is also possible to create a container unit directly from the forwarding order without creating a Freight Unit. This behavior is standard SAP when you create a FWO with shipping 3 (Full container Load). You can reach the same behaviour yourself by chosing document type "CN" in FUBR under "Other Settings". So the name Freight Unit Building Rule is a little bit misleading since it can also a be used as a Container Unit Building Rule or Trailer Unit Building Rule.

Good luck!