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Using Alpha characters in Freight Order Numbers

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So most of use know the standard numbering for freight orders using the 61XXXXXX series (example:  610029467).

We have been asked by our developers to consider using apha characters in the freight order ID - something like 61XYZNNNNN where N is a number (example:  61XYZ29467).  Has to do with some complications with our EWM interface in a direct load scenario (long story here, EWM initiates the load, sends the TOR / freight order # to TM, TM records the freight order after-the-fact).

My gut reaction is that this change introduces unnecessary risk on the TM side as there are a lot of unknowns.    Will TM behave "normally" with a freight order 61XYX29467?  Will carriers be able to process and accept a tender this way?  Will the EDI / VAN networks be able to accept orders with alpha characters? How will the Collaboration Portal behave?  Any issues with settlement on the ECC side?  How much will users be inconvenienced using POWL's that may not sort "high to low" in the conventional fashion?  Etc. Etc.

Has anyone ever tried this?

I've been in the SAP space a long time and I do not ever recall trying to use alpha characters on transaction records.  Master data, sure (materials, cost centers....).  But not transactions.

Thanks in advance!

Mac McLarin

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Are you using the standard integration from EWM to TM via ERP shipments? Please refer to the link attached. This scenario is relevant where transportation planning is done in EWM.

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