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Using Absolute Threshold values for SDP Alerts.

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For user defined SDP alerts, the alert definition in SPRO has a field Threshold- Unit and Description of Threshold values. There are no F4 standard values for this.

From whatever alerts I've seen/ used/ made till now, threshold values are % variance between actual and target values. Is it possible to have absolute threshold values?

For example, I need to generate an alert such that if Days Supply > 30 then warning while if it is > 60 then Error.

Have any of you used absolute threshold values for alerts? How do we go about it? What are the possible entries for the Threshold column in SPRO settings?



PS: Note 796769 says that this is allowed for SAP standard alert type 100 for supply shortage. Is the correction given applicable for any user defined alert?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shivar,

You need to set up a new alert type as follows:

Priority: Whatever you want

Alert Description: Name of the alert

Threshold Val. "Days Supply"

Relational Op. "Greater Than"

Filling in these second two field is what makes the 3 boxes appear in the alert profile for the user to put their own values for different thresholds

You can therefore put 30 against warning and 60 against error in the alert profile

Then in your macro, in the alert step use Alert txt = "Days Supply &" and drag your days supply key figure into the next level.

There is nothing in either the alert definition that says the number has to be a percentage / absolute / anything else....



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Atleast standard system does not allow ABSOLUTE values for user defined alerts as there is no RELATIONAL OPERATOR--EQUAL TO, all you have is GREATER THAN or LESS THAN.

The other way of doing would be to have 3 different alerts created and write macros to trigger based on absolute value

Even I am waiting to see if someone has done any custom code development regarding this logic.