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Use Release Profile FC Release DP to SNP for Current Month

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Hello All,

Need one help for releasing Forecast from DP to SNP using Release Profile.

I know when we release forecast with release profile it will take planning horizon from DP planning book data view. Requirement is when I release the forecast it should release from current month.

But I am not sure how to manupulate Data View which should start in Current Month. I can't use the Monthly data view as FC is uploaded in technical bucket and I want to release to SNP in same buckets.

When I use Monthly data view with release profile, then values from Technical Bucket dont match as release calculation defers. When trying ti use the Data view from current date it works fine except I can't release forecast from 1st day of month (consider you are on 10th of month) it will only release from current day.

Tried to iterate the Daily Bucket Profile and Period Split, but all comes where we dont have data view which starts on 1st on Month in Technical Buckets.

Do we have any way to accomodate this requirements.

Just to update cant use standered MC90 since we need to have release with selection profile which users can accomodate, MC90 they dont have auth. We will use custom program to trigger the Process chain with this jobs.

Thank you,

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Hi Amol,

I am not sure if I get your question right as there seems to be a pretty basic standard solution for your "problem".

In short: Create a new planning view with the necessery key figure on a monthly level and a relative start which is always the current month.

You can find more details in this SCN blog (I don't mind that it's related to SNP. Only the planning book view chapter is relevant)

regards Peter