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Update Freight Unit/ Freight Order with Delivery changes (in Order based integration).

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Hello Everyone,

As per the planning process of our client, we want to do the Order based to leverage the TM functionality earlier. However there is a concern that I am trying to address. Our clients change the delivery quantities / dates almost in every delivery so I am figuring out a way on how to handle this.

Example Scenario: I have 100 quantities in my order. I will have a freight unit created against the Order for 100 and I plan it into a FO. As soon as I created delivery with a new quantity of 80, the FU should get adjusted accordingly (split into two FUs 80 & 20). The FU with 80 should stay in FO and the other FU with 20 should automatically get unassigned from the FO.



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So you are saying that we can manually delete the FU assignment to the FO to acheiev the result. Right?

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Hi Stalin,

I understood your system has order based integration and concern is if delivery will be created, how system behave:

1. In case Sales order allows delivery split and multiple partial delivery created, Standard Change controller sense partial delivery and splits FU accordingly.

In this case TM integration key will be copied from sales order (Order based integration) to delivery. If delivery has different quantity than sales order, system will adjust delivery quantities in Freight unit and each Delivery will have FU based on FUBR settings.

2. In case sales order allow only one delivery: In this case when delivery created FU will be updated with delivery quantity and there will be no multiple FU. TM integration key will be copy from sales order to delivery TM tab.

3. If Sales order FU is planned to one Freight Order and then multiple deliveries are created by keeping TM relevant data same as in sales order, in this case all delivery FU will be automatically assigned to the same Freight Order which was planned with sales order FU. You may try FU -FU incompatibility or change controller settings to stop this behaviour.