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Understanding on Rule Based Availability Check (Fan Network and Chain)

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HI All,

In RBA while determining location substitution procedure and product substitution procedure we go with the product list and location list.

Say for example we have product P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 and so on .and location list L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 and so on

Rule control will dictate how to traverse through the list (whether to take input as reference or just top and bottom of the list)

start from bottom or start from top or work forward from input and then back ward from input ..and so on

All I need to understand is how fan network and chain will apply on this product and location list ..what does it signifies ..????

Appreciate your help at the earliest ..!

Thanks & Regards'


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Hi Ramesh,

Chain, Network and Fan shaped are common procedure types in location determination as well product substitution procedures, lets talk about them.

Chain: This is a serial determination i.e. P1 -> P2 -> P3 -> P4 -> P5, so system will determine substitute products in a series.

Network: This is a free determination, here you can decide which substitution follows which one and with that you can create a kind of network, here system doesn't allow you to crate a cycle in the network. i.e. P1 -> P2, P1 -> P3, P2 -> P3, P2 -> P5.

Fan: This is a single-level determination, just like a fan, blades of a fan are not connected to each other directly, but through a hub, behavior of this procedure type is similar in nature.

i.e. P1 -> P2, P1 -> P3, P1 -> P4, P1 -> P5.

Hope this answers your query.



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Hi Ramesh ,

Suppose you have a location list say L1 , L2 , L3 and L4 . Now you can arrange them in a "Substitution Chain" as L1 <- L2 <-L3<-L4 . Now according to your rule control this Substitution Chain will be accessed as in  "Work Forward from input then Cyclic " or any other option like you have mentioned .......  .

Suppose you have a Main Location "L1" and you want to substitute it from L2 , L3 , L4  but "Only one at a time " . Then you should use "FAN" shaped network . In this way L1 can be substituted by either L2 or L3 or L4 .

This is useful in case of RBA with Stock Transfer as only one level is permissible here .

This is also the basic difference between Chain and Fan Shaped  ie in Chain L1 can be Substituted by L2 as well as L3 as well as L4 to confirm the same req but in FAN Shaped only 1 will be used .

Hope this helps .

Regards ,

Love Singh