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Unable to complete the Delivery readiness in EWM in Advanced Shipping & receiving scenario.

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I am running Advanced Shipping & receiving scenario. After completing the picking, I am trying to set the Delivery readiness to '9' (tried both manual and using report) but getting an error which says "1 deliveries cannot be set to ready for shipping: incomplete picking". However, I see that picking status is completed. Can you please help.

Thank you


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Hi Stalin,

Please check if you have activate DSH (Shipping readiness) in status profile. check status profile in document type setting.


For Outbound delivery type set below status type in status profile for doc type and item type

DBT (Block Transportation Planning) - Inactive

DTD (Transportation Planning) - Active

DTU (Assign Transportation Unit) - Inactive

DSH (Shipping readiness) - Active

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Hello Shriram,

All the mentioned settings are already done. And without these settings, the delivery will get get stuck in SMQ2(that happened initially when I was doing the set up). mail.aslam.ansari also mentioned the same in the below answer.

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Hello Team,

One update on the issue. I can successfully complete the Shipping Readiness manually using monitor. However, issue persists while doing it through the report /SCWM/R_SET_DSH_STAT_AUTOMATIC. I already maintained the "Set Shipping Readiness for Deliveries Automatically" in the configuration as shown below. Am I missing any other prerequisites settings to run this report?