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TS Supply Optimizer splitting Customer Transportation across multiple source locations

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Hello IBP Gurus,

We have a business requirement where in a given monthly period, the Customer Transportation should not be split across multiple source locations. I know we can use Customer Transportation Quota's, but without defining quota's for each customer transportation lane, can it be controlled through cost parameters or some other parameter?

We tried using Fixed Customer Transportation Cost Rate, but still it is doing the split.

Any inputs are highly appreciated.



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Hi Mangesh,

There are a few new tags added for SAP Integrated Business Planning. You may choose the more relevant tag next time in order to get the answer faster. Please find the complete list of all IBP tags.

1.SAP Integrated Business Planning for sales and operations

2.SAP Integrated Business Planning for demand

3.SAP Integrated Business Planning for response and supply

4.SAP Integrated Business Planning for inventory

5.SAP Integrated Business Planning for demand-driven replenishment

6.SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain

7.SAP Supply Chain Control Tower

8.SAP ERP, supply chain integration add-on for SAP Integrated Business Planning

9.SAP Sales and Operations Planning(only for the on-promise SOP systems)

Therefore, the tag "SAP Integrated Business Planning for sales and operations" is more suitable for your question.

Best regards,

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Hello ocmangeshrk

Apart from maintaining quotas their few other alternative ( or so called Indian Jugaad ) through which you can acheive this.
  • Ideally Fixed Customer Transportation Cost Rate should work. But in your case since you specifying a different cost for different source only for certain buckets in a month, hence based on leadtime and cost calculation optimizer is finding it feasible to violate the difference in the cost rate. One way you can check is to increase the weightage of the Fixed Customer Transportation Cost Rate from 1 to 6 or above and see the results.

  • Another option is use the KF CUSTOMERTRANSPORTATIONCOSTRATE where you can maintain diffrent cost.But please make sure that the difference in the required bucket is 2.5X more than the lowest cost in the same bucket.

  • Another option is maintain a zero value in the the KF ADJUSTEDCONSTRAINEDDEMANDDS and MINCONSTRAINEDDEMANDDS in the buckets and the DC location, where you dont want the optimzer to split values.

  • In case you are using aggregate constraints and that too at a CUSTID level, try using the MINAGGDEMANDDSVIOLCOSTRATE by maintaining a very low cost at the location where you want all the transport to come for the customer.
Hope this helpsRegardsAyan