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transportation lane lot size standard behavior?

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Hi all,

I need some second opinions if this is the way the system is designed to function or if there is a bug....

When I enter a max lot size in a product specific transportation lane and run SNP heuristics on products procured externally from an outside vendor NO orders are created if the total requirements for the period exceeds the max lot size setting in the transportation lane. If the total need for the period is less than the max lot size and order is created without any issue.

I was not expecting this behavior. Instead I would have expected one of two scenarios.....

1) Multiple orders created for the max lot size quantity of the transportation lane

2) A single order created for the max lot size quantity and a shortage remaining that carries over to the next period.

However instead no orders were created, this does not seem to make sense to me. Has anyone else seen this before? And is this how the system is designed? or do I have some setting wrong or a bug in the code?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Mike Raftery

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Check in Global SNP settings in IMG if Heuristics is set for taking up more than 1 order in a time bucket. Try to see how the system behaves with a min lot size and rounding lots as well.

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Settings are active for many orders per time bucket. And the rounding profile and min lot size functions work as expected, as long as the quantity to be ordered is less than the max lot size, if it is over the max lot size, nothing happens.