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Transportation Lane Creation using Mass TL Creation program

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Hi all,

As I was reading post on loading transportation lanes using LSMW functionality, I wondered why is it that one would not use Mass Transportation Lane Creation program which is a standard program.

Would it not be best to run this standard program rather then to use LSWM to call BAPI for TL?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think there are some basic disadvantages with the mass TL creation program. You can only create it between a set of "From" Locations and a set of "To" Locations. And thus it ends up creating all possible combinations. Imagine a case where it ends up creating more than neccesary. Also you cannot discretely create T Lanes based on unique combinations of "From" and "To" locations. In such a case LSMW comes in handy and it can create T-Lanes all through the network at exactly the places you want. Hope that answers your Q.

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