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To priority up the Warehouse Order created by Pick Denial - on RF Queue

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Hello Experts,

On the RF scanner when operators type in exception code BIDP (Pick Denial, Partial Quantity), SAP automatically creates a Warehouse Order, to fulfil the Pick from alternative Bin. However, this Warehouse Order appears as the last Warehouse Order on the Queue which the RF operator performing the Picking.

Is there any way to make this Warehouse Order appear as the next Warehouse Order on the 'Queue' , so that the picker can complete all the picking jobs for the same delivery?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi All,

To close this thread. I have achieved the above requirement with following set up. It might have some other functionality but works well for my requirement.

SPRO Configuration:

--> Defined Mode Type (e.g. Rounded down to nearest 30 min.)

--> Defined Mode determination Criteria ( Assigned the above Mode Type for Activity 'PICK')

Maintain 'Execution Priority ' (/SCWM/EXECPR).

--> Assigned the Mode configured above with Priority parameter : 'Process Type' and weightage of '100' .

This made the substitute WT to appear as the next WT when I hit a Pick Denial exception on RF.