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TM - Output request - Sender Country Can't be Initial

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Hi Experts,

When I attempt to view the waybill or any other output in the TM app "Manage freight order" under the tab “Output request” tab and try to preview the output, I encounter the error message: “Sender country/region can’t be initial.” I’ve already filled in the “Sender Country” field in the “Define Rules for determination of Master form templates,” but the issue persists. Additionally, I’ve updated the business partner, but the error remains. Do you have any other solutions for resolving this error? 

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition SAP Transportation Management 

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Pdud_97,

In this case you need to add a Partner Function for an Ordering Address within the role of your Supplier  (Business Partner) that is acting as your Carrier.



Also if needed, you can go to the App Output Parameter Determination, look the rules for Freight Order, go to determination step for Form Template and add a Sender Country (as mentioned, if needed).



Hope this can help, regards.



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We have the same issue. We added the ordering address and made the changes to OPD, but it didn't help. I also don't understand the logic of this error message. Where does this country can't be initial, come from?