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The overruling information is reset when an update is done to the delivery document

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the SAP note: 2845239 - Issues with propagation of blocks from FWO to FU, TU, FO, FB - SAP for Me  , explains the below problem:

After setting the "Overrule Block" checkbox for a propagated block in the Freight Unit / Transportation Unit or Freight Order / Freight Booking, the overruling information is reset when an update is done to the predecessor business document that is the origin of the propagated block.


And it's recommended to implement the note for correcting this but this is in "Cannot be implemented" status.

Can anyone help me on this. Actually I am passing the blocking information from delivery to FO and when I make any changes to the delivery (after overruling the block), the overruling indicator is reset and the block again appears in FO.  




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Hi Stalin,

Please check Delivery Header Administration tab, whether the delivery block is forgot to be removed. If the delivery remain in delivery block, while the delivery change flows to TM FU, delivery block will be set again. Subsequently, it will lead to planning or execution block (based on customizing) to FO.