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Tables in APO

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Hi all,

I am trying to derive data(Line, source item, target item, set up time & cost etc) related to production in APO using SQVI. The table names I get using conventional methods when tried in SE17 says structure or data cannot be read directly. Can someone tell me how to get the correct table names in APO?

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you can go in SE16 and give /SAPAPO/* and press F4 for all APO releted tables.

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It works. But I am not sure they are the ones I am looking for. I look to extract information from APO using SQVI. From erp tables like MARA,MARC etc I can retrive info using SQVI. Similarly I try to do with APO.

I look to retrieve informations like,

product/production resource/process time/production quantity etc. Which tables should I use in APO?

I can view recipe in ERP but one at a time, how to view consolidated information at a location?



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Hi Mano.

Yes you can use SQVI to create view in APO .

Below are the some imp table in APO.












/SAPAPO/V_MATLOCT: very important view created in APO for material location related info.

Best you can use table DD02t for the table you are looking for.


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That is remarkable.



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