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Synchronous goods receipt posting for production order in EWM with quality management integration


Dear all,

We activated synchronous goods receipt posting for production order in EWM. Everything works fine besides quality management integration. After goods receipt an inspection lot should be automatically created and the stock should be posted to quality inspection stock. As there is no inbound delivery anymore, inspection lot is not created. Normally we use inspection type 1704, but as there is no longer an inbound delivery, the entries in /SCWM/QRSETUP are useless.

Can you please help me to setup quality integration in case of using synchronous goods receipt posting in EWM.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards


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Hello Basha!

We were having a lot of trouble managing queues due to EWM PP integration and also activated the synchrounous goods receipt in production and also encountered the issue of not having the inspection lot creation upon goods receipt.

We had the support of an ABAP consultant who managed to build a sort of exit on the movement from production (101 posted to EWM), enabling the creation of the inspection lots.

Note that in this case, we adopted the "04" inspection lot origin instead of the EWM integrated origin "17". This inspection lot is not integrated with EWM, only the goods movements.

Something else to have in mind is the follow up action upon usage decision. We used to have a usage decision code associated with EWM integration and when this code was used for the acceptance or rejection of these inspection lots with origin 04, it generated queues in the qRFC integration. So if you go this way, make sure quality team is aware that the usage decision code must be configured properly "as if it was an IM storage location".

The automatic goods movement (321/350) after acceptance or rejection was also an enhancement.

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Hello Thiago,

I am facing same issue, I have activated delivery based to accommodate the inspection lot during the GR.

I have updated the material master with 1704 maintained the Inspection rule and activated the IOT.

But still unable to create the inspcion lo t once goods receipt is posted from MIGO.

Could you please help me.


Chand asha

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Hello Basha Shaik

Do you have synchronous goods receipt activated in you scheduling profile? If so, MIGO will post synchronous goods receipt and therefore quality won't be triggered. Delivery based goods receipt should integrate with QM.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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case of bad consulting. Or not reading the documentation...

Quote: "The following features are not available:

  • Integration with Quality Management for synchronous goods receipts including the creation of inspection lots

    If you need inspection lots, you must use the delivery-based goods receipt processes."

That's why it is not the great solution people always think (IMHO).




All the above is no official SAP statement.

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And it is EWM. NOT eWM - Duh!

And if your question includes the word "transfer order" - do NOT tag the question with Extended Warehouse Management!

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Hi Jurgen,

We have have activated synchronous goods receipt posting for production order. But now I am unable to deactivate or I am unable to create inbound delivery when posting Goods receipt for production order.

I saw the above thread of thought of checking with you.

Could you please help me.



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I believe that statement is removed in 2022 version. So does that mean QM is supported with synchronous posting now?