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Subcontracting process process Accounting entry not coming correctly

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Hi Experts,

I got a query from the users in subcontracting process accounting entry;


Raw material worth 50 issued for sub contracting, sub contracting charges = 500, the goods receipt of SFG product should come 500+50=550 but its coming 500 for the semi finished goods (SFG) which is receiving. The SFG material price control maintained as Standard (S). 

This is the requirement of the user, anyone please help us with the solution for this.

Thanks in advance,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi @arunprakashworld 

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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Since your SFG is standard price material, the material valuation will be based on the standard price maintained in material master, as per the normal logic. In your case, looks the SFG standard price is 500 and hence the SFG stock account postings are with the same standard price. This is standard behavior with any standard price material. If its moving average price material, the stock account will be posted with all charges (subcon service cost + value of components + any additional cost).

In addition, for subcon, you may maintain the price difference posting, so that the price difference account also will be hit in case the receipt value (subcon service cost + value of components + any additional cost) is different from the standard price of material. You may refer the config in the node: OLMB - Goods Receipt - Price Differences for Subcontract Orders at Goods Receipt. 

You may check the difference in account postings with below example:

SFG product: $400 (material value at standard price in material master)

Subcontract order:

  • Ext. service : $250
  • Components : $100

Posting schema without price differences:

Stock account SFG (BSX) : 400 +   (material standard price)
Stock change (BSV) : 400 -
GR/IR clearing acct (WRX) : 250 - (External service cost)
External service acct (FRL) : 250 +
Compon. stock account (BSX) : 100 -  (Component cost)
Consumption account (GBB) : 100 +

Posting schema with price differences:

Stock account FERT (BSX) : 400 +
Stock change (BSV) : 350 -
Price difference (PRD) :  50 -
GR/IR clearing acct (WRX) : 250 -
External service acct (FRL) : 250 +
Compon. stock account (BSX) : 100 -
Consumption account (GBB) : 100 +