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Subcontracting in SNP with Source Location-Planned Production

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Hello Friends,

We are testing the above functionality in APO.  Our scenario is much like the one mapped out in SAP Help.

We are CIF'ing across.  PIR, PDS (Created a dummy Production Version and Resource to include on a recipe), Venodr, Materials.

Transportation Lanes are created and materials assigned.

We are using SNP to Plan our Finished Products in general and ECC MRP runs for Packaging and Raws.

We have the following situation. We have a Subcontracting PIR with an external vendor to produce a finished product.  We send the vendor 3 Finished Products and 3 Packaging Materials (All on the subcontracting BOM).  We receive the completed material back from subcontractor to our location and upon receipt of course we issue the components on the BOM.

Desired behavior is this.

Forecast places demand for final product at our location.

We run SNP Heuristics which should generate a Purchase Req to the outside vendor.

We then want to see the demand for the component Finished Goods in SNP also so heuristics plans for them.

I seem to have this working except for a couple of issues.

1. My Subcontracting location created for the vendor sees the requirement and Heuristics generates a regular planned order at the Subcontract Location.  I expected the planned order to be created with the category: 'Production (Subcontracting Planned) but instead it generates a Planned Order under Category 'Production (Planned)'

2. The Purchase Req that is generated to the vendor.  When I look at this in ECC and view components.  Only the Packaging Components are included and I have to re-explode the BOM to get the Finished Goods to pull in.  Is this to do with the fact that FERTS are planned in SNP and everything else in ECC.

I can provide more info as needed but has anyone ran into this before?

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Answers (2)

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Thank you for your reply.  But I think you misunderstand. Please see my comments to your responses.  I did read the OnLine help and that is why I have been able to get this far.

1. The BOM for the Finished Product Produced ny Subcontractor contains 2 Finished Goods (FERT) and 2 Packaging Materials (VERP).  Yes in this scenario they are all components because the subcontractor receives all 4 and uses them to produce the new finished product.

2. Your comment:  'Planned Order is a planned order in APO.  No such thing as a subcontracting planned order' .  See attached extract from SAP Help.It syas after running Heuristics a Planned Order of category Subcontracting is created.

It refers to SNP Creating a Planned Order with category subcontracting.  I assume this is category type ES.  It is present in the SAP Standard APO Subcontracting Dataview.

3. 'In ECC you do not see the Planned Order'.  Agreed I do not expect to see the planned order because Source Location does not exist in ECC.  Not a problem.

4. 'In ECC you see a Purchase Req with category Subcontracting'.  Agree.  And I do see this.  Not a problem.


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You are correct.  The SNP Planned order should be of ATP Category ES.

Why create a dummy production version.  It is real for APO.  It has the real/actual BOM and maybe a dummy routing.   But the production is "real".  What does the PDS look like at the subcontractor?

Did you CIF over the vendor to create the subcontractor?  

Does the PIR you CIF'd show up in the Tlane with subcontracting type?


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Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for the quick reply.

When I say dummy production version I just meant that I have a BOM and I created a recipe (We use Process orders not Production Orders so I created recipe instead of routing).  The Recipe contains a dummy resource with no cost relevancy.

Yes I do CIF over the Vendor but in my case I also manually created a Location of type Subcontractor (1050) and in there map the Vendor Number and the Plant Code.  You have to do this if you plan for the same vendor to perform subcontract operations for multiple plants.  You create a separate Location Master of type subcontract for each Vendor Plant Combination.

The Subcontracting PIR I CIf across (Which references the Production version) does indeed show up in the Transportation Lane with type subcontracting.  It automatically picked up the Subcontracting Location that was created as well.

All appears to be working as expected with the exception of the fact that the planned order created at the SubCon Location is not of category ES.

Thanks for any insight.

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Hi Cook,

If my understanding is correct the only issue that you are facing is the planned order at the subcontractor is not showing the correct category (as well as in the incorrect keyfigure). Some hints what I can give is

a) Try and manually key in the order in the subcontracting planned production keyfigure and observe the results. Check if it is picking the correct PDS.

b) Normally this kind of situation happens if we have cif'ed things in a wrong sequence. I would suggest you to check for other sku's. Try to follow the sequence first the PIR (in which check if production version is assigned correctly). Then CIF the SNP PDS and check if the transportation lanes are from the location to the subcon vendor has been created correctly for the components as well as if the PDS is correct at the Subcon location.

I faced a similar issue and once I have corrected the sequence it worked for me. Could you please also let me know if you are using any contracts for subcon. If you are using contracts, the SNP heuristic will not work for the BOM explosion. Please use PPDS heuristics later for BOM explosion. Only PPDS heuristics works for contracts between the vendor and the plant for subcon scenarios.



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Thanks for the suggestion Sasi.  I will indeed try again and be sure to CIF the data in the order you specified.  I did go to my dataview and try to manually add something in the Production (Subcontracting Planned) Key figure but it is greyed out.  I cannot directly add something there.  I tried changing the properties but still cannot manually enter data.

The other thing that I mention in my post is related to the  initial Purchase Req generated by heuristics for the Subcontracted Product.  The BOM  for this product contains 6 items.  3 of which are planned in APO (MRP Type X0) and 3 are planned in ECC (MRP Type PD).  When I look at the components on the subcon req in ECC it only shows the 3 PD items.  I have to manually re-explode the BOM in the req in order for the 3 X0 components to be displayed.  This is important because until I reexplode the BOM I do not see the SubCon Demand for those 3 components in MD04.  I only see the replenishment generated from SNP. 


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Your description is very confusing.   You don't send the vendor Finished Goods.  You provide him components and he builds the finished good and ships it back to you.

Planned Order is a planned order in APO.   No such thing as a subcontracting planned order.

In ECC you do not see the planned order.

In ECC you see a Pur Req with item category subcontracting.

Please re-read the OnLine Help explaining subcontracting once again.