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Sub-network for Time-series Supply Planning Heuristics (Infinite without shortage)

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently a Supply Chain Student & learning SAP IBP for Supply Chain Planning
I'm wondering what are the best practices of using Sub-network to run this heuristics, what rules should I follow to separate my subnetwork (ex: for location, product group, etc.).

When we first run the heuristics for all sub-networks using this type of heuristics, the Receipts will equal to Outbound location/customer demand without any constrains and planners will shake hands by Inter-subnetwork Transport Receipt & Adjusted Transport Receipt. However, things get complicated when both parties want to re-negotiate the quantity and communicate through these key figures, leading to my curiosity of the standard process when they adjust these key figures. Here is the graph I made to illustrate my understanding of Supply Key Figure after run S&OP Operator. Please provide me feedbacks & advise my concerns

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Sub-network is an attribute of master data its maintained in Location product this would allow to create subset of your supply network plan either by product or by location. This a unique feature which helps planner to run heuristics based on specific location, plant or by material type groups.

Suppose if a company has production plants in USA, Europe, Asia and Africa with unique subnetwork ID's S1, S2, S3 and S4. Using subnetwork feature a planner from USA would be able to run heuristics only for USA and this would be generating faster results.

Suppose if you want to categorize by Material type by FERT, HALB, ROH and VERP separately by including subnetwork Id is of S1, S2, S3 and S4 while running heuristics you have an option to run by special Subnetwork according to planner activity.

Creation of subnetwork id’s is possible using the SAP CPI DS task according to your requirement.

Coming back to query on Key figure working functionality it would remain same everywhere while running heuristics at any level depending on network.