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Sub con scenario not working in APO - Heuristic does not plan

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Hello There,

I am stuck in sub con scenario in APO

Scenario : Plant "X " and Vendor "V"

Parent Product A Child : Product B  , Product A goes to vendor gets packed with product B ( which will be send by plant X) and returns to Plant X.

ECC master data :

BOM for Product A with child B

Sub con PIR : maintained version in PIR.

After CIFing to APO Subcon T lane and PDS at Vendor location got created. Also this products got extended to Vendor locations.

Seems everything in place.

Run the LLC determination for these locations and products.

But when tried to run Heuristic through SNP01, Message appears no LLC exist for Product A and Product B at Vendor "V" locations.

tried to run in planning book interactively - Simply shows 2 locations products processed, but no PRs are generated at Plant "X".

When I manually create sub ocn PR in plant "X" all requirements flow and subcon cycle complets.

Can you please all help me out, am I missing something in this set up ?

Early help will be much appreciated.

Thank you

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Hi Amol,

can you view the external procurement relationship in APO side ? Hope you have the FG / components in both the locations.

Also have a look on this link

It gives you more detailed information on how to handle subcontracting scenario.



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Hi BVN and Tiemin,

Yes external procurement relationship is there in APO.

One IMP thing when I check the transportation lane it says Product does not exist in both locations..weird.

Although I can load them in Planning book and can create manually orders.

I will check those notes.

Thank you