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Stock Transfer and Demand APO

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Hello Everybody good morning,

I've got a scenario which i would appreciate your support.

The company which i work for we've got a sort of Sales Rep mobil. The stock usually is transfer accordingly their sales need by a transfer stock method into SAP and located into their specific storage location. Usually, this stock is often sold or it will be sold within the month. However, into APO demand forecast, this considerable stock "sold" is not yet included as the material was not effective sold, invoiced....

What i would like to know is, if there's any possibility to include stock transfer into Demand figuers onto APO?

Ie: Sales Rep. X / storage location 001

Stock transfer from Central Warhouse of 1 pc.

This one pc, despite be stil located into this Sales rep mobil, basically its sold, and i would like to know the possibility which this 1 pc be considered "sold" into APO. Is that possible? How could i configurated that this would happen? I guess that this is linked into Material Master set for this specific storage location up, am i right?

Well i would appreciate if anybody could adviced me into that scenario.



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Hi Caio,

In demand forecast, usually this stock consideration is not needed to be taken care into account as it will be net off during supply planning run (SNP).

In case you want to net the stock off at demand planning side, i.e. SNP is not considering this particular stock at all, then the stock data for specific storage location can be pulled into BW (or any other system you are using for transferring data between ECC and SCM). Extract the data to a KF in demand planning and while releasing the demand to SNP, use (Demand - sold stock) KF.