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STO :While Creating Vl10d based on PO want material based storage location in delivery

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We are running normal delivery as well as STO DELIVERY.While creating DELIVERY (VL10D) based on PO, our requirement is to add storage location based on material. Example : We have two brands : Brand X AND Brand Y

( Brand X has different Material Codes which are different storage location in Delivery and Brand Y has different Material codes which will have different storage location in Delivery.).

We created PO based on both the brands X and Y. But in delivery storage locations are not according the Brands.

Our requirement is to set delivery storage locations based on brands.

Is there any enhancement for this ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Fighter,

You say that you have different materials for different brands. Then you can simply maintain, per material, a preferred storage location for external procurement (MM02, tab MRP 2). In standard, this storage location will be selected automatically to the purchase order and copied to the inbound delivery. Based on your settings, it can be that a delivery split happens, if the different storage locations lead to different delivery header data (receiving points or warehouse numbers).

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