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Statistical forecast

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Dear Experts

We have done the following steps to get the statistical forecast into planning book

Generate Characterisitc Combinations

Planning Area Intialization

Calculate Proportional Factors

Maintain/Check Forecast Profile

Shedule Background Job to arrive at system forecast (statistical run)

but the statistical forecast results are displayed for the current month only and next 3 months all figures are zero.

my bucket profile is 4 months (current month + next 3 months) bucker profile

And I have checked SM37 and job was finished and logs also checked and there is no pending logs

And 36 months history is there in cube and cv's also there in POB

what may I have missed steps in-order to get the statistical forecast for next 3 months ?

Could any one give the solution pl.

Thanks in advance

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Answers (3)

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What you can check is what is the history horizon mentioned in the maintain forecast profile transaction.

That should be 36 months for you to carry out the auto selection models.


Prashant Kumar

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Thanks for reply Prashant

But I have already mentioned history horizon 36 months in Univeriant profile.

Any more checks are there?

any one can help me pl.


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While I am selecting some of the models (Auto model1, auto model2, seasonal modal, history etc) in Univerient forecast then the system gives the message is " <b>Not possible to carry out the forecast- no historical data</b>".

And it accepts some of the models (Linear regression, Season+Linear regaression and Constant models)

I have 36 months history data in cube and CVC's also there in POB

what might be the reason behind that and

Where have I missed the historical data.

can any one help me in this

Thanks & Regards

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I hope you do not have LifeCycle settings like phase out or something, that is wiping out the history for doing forecasting.

Check in transaction /sapapo/fcstoutl if you have set a higher number for initialization of forecast. Automodels/seasonal requires some data for intialization.

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There could be couple of reasons

- PLanning area is not initialized all through the future

- Master Forecast Profile does not have adequate Forecast horizon in its setting for running the forecasts

Kindly check the log in /sapapo/mc8k transaction as well.

Are you able to run the stat forecast interactively and not in batch ?