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Start date changes while saving an MD11 order

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Hi all,

while creating the planned orders for specific plant, the begin date changes in S4 system.

The date is same when created in SAP, but when advance planning is set for the material, the date is getting changed from the PPDS end, any specific reason on how we can stop the further update on the same?

For eg, the begin date plaf-psttr field is set to 22.10.2022, when creating planned order in SAP, when PPDS is involved it gets preponed to 19.06.2022.

As we debugged the case, we can see the value is determined from the procedure APS_ORDER_GET_DATA, where order is filled with some GUID which filled through FM : /SAPAPO/om_order_get_data .

Any way we can check the procedure live cache on what basis the value is determined?



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