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Standard use of OrderIDAssignmentNotification in SNC?

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We have a process in which our customers provide PO number ranges for use in replenishment orders. The number ranges are proveded via EDI and need to be stored in SNC for use. It appears that the standard service interface OrderIDAssignmentNotification is available for this requirement, however it SAP has only provided OrderIDAssignmentNotification_In. In order for PI to transfer the data to SNC I would expect OrderIDAssignmentNotification_Out to also be available. If OrderIDAssignmentNotification_Out does not exist, what is the standard process for mapping PO range information into OrderIDAssignmentNotification_In?


S. Parker

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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The Order ID Assignment Notification is sent from the customer to the vendoru2019s planning system SAP SCM SNC. This message contains order number ranges that are to be assigned to the orders generated in the vendoru2019s planning system, that is Replenishment Order Notification and Vendor Generated Order Notification.

In order for PI to transfer the data to SNC you need to use ReplenishmentOrderNotification_Out XML to transfer the replenishment orders to the supplieru2019s ERP system.

If you are implementing Responsive Replenishment business scenario then process runs as:

1. The customer uses the message OrderIDAssignmentNotification to transfer valid purchase order numbers to the supplieru2019s SAP SNC system. The supplier should use these to create replenishment orders.

2. The supplieru2019s SAP SNC system uses the message ReplenishmentOrderNotification to transfer the replenishment orders to the supplieru2019s ERP system.

3. The ERP system carries out an availability check for the required products and sends confirmation of the execution of the replenishment orders to SAP SNC using the message ReplenishmentOrderConfirmation.

4. The supplier informs the customer that the replenishment orders are executed using the message VendorGeneratedOrderNotification.

5. The customer can choose to send the supplier an order confirmation using the message VendorGeneratedOrderConfirmation.



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