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SSO FSM / Connect to SAP IAS - metadata URL missing information

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Hello experts,
I have issues configuring SSO for our FSM test system. I followed the SAP documentation.

However, the point "1. Enter Metadata file into SAP FSM Admin Application" is refering to this documentation section.

I dont find the following xpath for the Login URL in our FSM metadata: "/EntityDescriptor/IDPSSODescriptor/SingleSignOnService[@Binding="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:bindings:HTTP-POST"]/@Location"

The documenation states this metadata URL:<account-name>/metadata

Opening this in the browser shows the following result.

If I use the link within the FSM system SAML Configuration, see screenshot, I get this URL with cluster 'de' instead of 'auth'. But this is not working either (error 404 not found).<account-name>/metadata

All in all, I struggle with the Login URL and signing certificate in SAML Configuration in FSM.
Is this an issue that SAML needs to be first activated somehow to the account? Why is the metadatafile not containing the respective xpaths ...?

Thanks very much for support or tips!

Best regards,

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z.mamlouk nsax Can you help on this?

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Hi Deborah,

I recently configured Single Sign-On for SAP FSM Application through IAS as proxy and authentication via AD.

In FSM SAML configuration : As you provide URL for "Identity Metadata URL" and click "Parse Remaining Values", automatically Issuer / Login URL / Metadata Certificate will be populated. Ensure to select correct Client ID. Choose SAML Configuration in FSM Account to enable SSO.

Download the "Metadata API" from FSM -> Save in xml format -> Upload in IAS for SAP FSM SAML Configuration.

Refer to this link for more information :


Karthik J