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SSCC Generation Acc to EAN 128

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Hello, SSCC number with EAN 128 is started with 1 when I don't select 'ILN begins' in the customizing for SSCC generation.

In this case HU number is below. It starts with '1'

I am not sure if '1' is added in SSCC number after ILN. Really appreciate if any advice. Thanks,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert


the leading character (before the ILN) should come from somewhere else.

According Wikipedia "the first number is a extension number, which can be chosen by the creator of the SSCC" (this is only described in the german version (, not in english (, but it is described in an GS1 documentation I found ("USE THE EXTENSION DIGIT. The Extension Digit is used to increase the capacity of the Serial Reference within the SSCC. It is assigned by the company that constructs the SSCC. The Extension Digit ranges from 0 to 9.").

In the ERP system you have for this a column "type of handling unit" in the table where you assign the number ranges to packaging material types (Documentation says:
"HU Type for EAN128 (AI 01)

Within the EAN128-/UCC128 norms, the shipping unit number/ Serialized Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is used to provide handling units with unique identification. The SSCC is 18 digits long and the first digit specifies the type of handling unit.

The following 5 values are defined in the EAN128/UCC128 norms:
0 : box
1 : pallet
2 : container
3 : unknown/not defined
4 : company-specific
5-9: reserved")

This is a different definition again, not sure how accurate that documentation is.

But what I have not found is where such an assignment can be made in EWM.




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Thanks for the information. Understood that the first digit represents the type of HU. But, yes I am not sure where it comes from. I tried a different number range started with '2' like below

Then first digit of SSCC number was 2.

In case I don't select 'ILS begin' in the customizing, it looks like the first digit of number range for SSCC was set to the HU number. Not clear if this is intentional functionality... There is no statement as you pointed out.

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hasada , you are right, first digit is taken from the first digit of the number.

It is marked in code as Jürgen said with HU Type.

maybe because we do not have any HU this strange solution is used

* ... constant fields: HU Type and ILN base number
*ef_sscc+lc_huart_o(lf_huart_l) = if_huart(lf_huart_l).
*ef_sscc+lc_ilnbn_o(lf_ilnbn_l) = is_param-ilnbn(lf_ilnbn_l).
*ef_sscc+lf_nr_o(lf_nr_l) = ls_inri-nr(lf_nr_l).
*ef_sscc+lf_check_digit_o = space.
lv_offset = 20 - ls_inroi-nrlength.
IF is_param-ilnfirst IS INITIAL.
lv_offset2 = lv_offset + 1.
CONCATENATE lv_number+lv_offset(1) is_param-ilnbn
INTO ev_sscc.
CONCATENATE is_param-ilnbn lv_number+lv_offset INTO ev_sscc.
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Thanks for your confirmation. Understood it's the logic according to the code, if the prefix doesn't come from ILN.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Hironori, I just tested it, and it works without prefix "1" for me.

It is not clear how you generate the HU number, and what exactly is shown on your screenshot

I call functional module /SCWM/SSCC_GENERATE to get HU number



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Thanks, I've tried the FM /SCWM/SSCC_GENERATE as well. Then the first digit of SSCC number was '1, if I don't select 'ILS begin' in the configuration. In your case, it worked fine as expected, even if you don't select it, right.