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Hi experts,

I have been breaking my head to understand what is the sort rule we maintain while defining the pack profile during WOCR. I want to know, in what way this sort rule is different from the inbound sorting and WO sorting? Can anyone suggest me a business scenario where each of these three sort rules (Inbound sorting, WO sorting and Sorting maintained while defining the pack profile) are different from one another?

Thanks in advance

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Hello @former_member844305 , 

Sort Rule in Packing Profile arrange the Warehouse Tasks within a particular Warehouse Order based on Sort fields which you have defined in customizing lets say based on Loading weight, so based on this , WT will be sorted within WO and will be presented to RF operator 

For example if you have 3 products say EWM-01, EWM-02, EWM-03 loading weight corresponding 1 , 2 , 3 KG

Lets say you created a SORT Rule which has field Loading Weight and you arrange the field in decending order 


So in this case when WT will be created to to pick each qty 1 then system will check Sort Rule assigned to Packing Profile and since here you have in decending so in RF , warehouse operator will be asked to pick EWM-03 first as loading weight is 3KG , then EWM-02 as loading weight is 2 KG and then EWM-01 as loading weight is 1KG