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SNP report including Initial column

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Hi SAP SNP expert,

I would like to have Initial column into SNP report, however, I could not find any clue to show it, kindly advise how to setup. Or please let me know if this column only available on SAP? Thank you for answering.

use T-code RRMX to run the SNP report:


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@Daniil Horbach

Thank you for information, I have finished my SAP Community Q&A Tutorial by submitting a new question. For this question, I did explore my question before post, there was no related questions as mine, appreciate if you could share this question to SNP expert to answer it. 🙂

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Dear Smile,

the content of time series key-figures and order live cache key-figures from SNP can be extracted via data source. Define a data source in transaction /n/SAPAPO/SDP_EXTR and connect it with a info cube in the APO BW. This can also be a remote cube to report directly on the live cache data incl. the initial colum. Next you can build you BeX reports based on the cube.

Regards, Nico