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snp planned orders with no source

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I am looking for any easy way to find snp planned orders without a PDS/PPM source.

I do a similar thing looking for snp purchase reqs. without a transportation lane. In that case I use the receipts view and look for orders without a source plant.

However the reciepts view will not show me the source or the resource field for planned orders.

Any ideas?



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Hello George,

A crude way of seeing the SNP Planned orders w/o SoS is to display all the orders in /SAPAPO/OM16 transaction by providing the Location in the Orders tab. We can put filter for APO Application as '4' (for SNP) and order type. There are two fields 'Supply Srce Cat' and 'Supply Srce ID' which can used to filter out orders without SoS. Please confirm if it works.