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SNP Optimizer error

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Iam getting the SNP Optimizer error Demand is not defined the reason to get this error is Penalty cost group is not assigned to forecast Demands.Could any tell me how we can assign Penalty cost group to forecasts



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Hi Poorna,

You can use the available in SAP Easy Access under SAP Menu -> APO -> Master Data -> Application-specific Master Data -> SNP -> to maintain the costs especially

1. /SAPAPO/SNPGRP - Define Penalty Cost Group

2. /SAPAPO/QUAN - Define Profile for Quantity-Based Penalty Costs

SAP help documentation - "You can use the BAdI /SAPAPO/SDP_RELDATA to assign the penalty cost groups to forecasts and sales orders. You then release the forecasts to SNP with descriptive characteristics (such as customer) to SNP or transfer the sales order to SAP ERP to SAP SCM via the Core Interface (CIF)."

You can assign  penalty cost group, penalty costs for non-delivery and delay on the SNP 1 tab page of the location product master data (/SAPAPO/MAT1) as shown below.