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SNP heuristics with project

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Need a help in a scenarrio for SNP Heuristics

Background of current business process setup...

In my current project they do not create production order for the FG, it is used to plan SFG. Only demand is entered for the FG and the first level semi finished (SFG) are produced using production order. After the production of SFG the stock is transfered to Project stock (mvt type 412 in R/3) and then consumed against the project (mvt type 281 in r/3). WBS for project exists only in r/3.

SNP run is taken twice in a month, there is no PP/DS.


For a FG A there is a demand of 10 in month 1, then after SNP run it creates planned orders for SFG B - 10 and C - 10 (1:1 bom relation). In R/3 these 10 FG may be required for 5 different projects.

Now in a weeks time 3 of B are ready and 4 of C are ready. these are transfered to poject stock and in R/3 it shows 3 & 4 as project stocks for B & C resp. Now as B and C are ready they can be installed at the project, so it is consumed in R/3 using mvt type 281 in r/3.

So we have delivered 3 of A with 1 partially (only C) and 6 are pending and we have 7 production orders of B in wip, 6 production order of C in wip. current stock for B & C = 0

Before SNP run Demand for A is changed, to 7 as only 7 are pending to be delivered and SNP run is taken, it keeps the production order for B as 7 and C as 6 but creates 1 planned order for C. This palnned order is extra as it was already installed on the project site.

How do I avoid this one extra SNP Planned Order? I think there is a flaw in how demand is entered by business, what could be done?



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Any ideas guys..?